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Most sites ask for donations of $35.,-$50.,$100. or more. We know that many of our followers Don't have that kind of money. And we don't expect it. We are happy to receive Any amount of a donation, and we are very happy to receive even a One Dollar donations ! Those one dollar donations add up and allow us to do a number of things for people who need it. So ANY amount that You feel comfortable sending will be greatly appreciated.

As a Spiritual Organization our  
Mission  is to help you become more
Balanced in your life through guidance, teachings, counseling,  prayers, reiki treatments, crystal healings,  and other services as needed.

Recognizing that each person has their own personal needs,  We are Not a “cookie cutter”  organization.  We treat each person as an individual according to their needs.


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Native American Healer



ON LINE - Spiritual Counseling (one on one )
Distant Reiki Healing Sessions
Sales of Subliminal CD’s for Self Help
Prayer Circles or Request...
Email us if there are other services that you feel we can do on line for you.

IF you are in the Greater Gardner, Ma. area we still do house Smudging's/Blessings, Aura cleaning, Handfastings, Reiki and Crystal healings and other services in person. Just contact us to make an appointment.

BUT, no matter where you are in the world we can still work with you through the internet. Just email us.
IF you don’t see what you need text or email us.  Text to 1-978-895-8710



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Good Medicine
Help Yourself Naturally

Native Americans believe that in order to have good health you must first learn to live your life in complete balance with the natural laws set forth by the Creator. Included in these laws are to have respect for nature, to possess a kind heart, and to have high moral standards. These and other beliefs are what Native Americans call "Good Medicine." American Indians believe that Mother Earth has provided us with plants and herbs that are essential in maintaining good health. Our Good Medicine tea is a blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, wood betony, and other natural herbs that are said to lift your spirits and bring you many good thoughts and feelings. It has a surprisingly minty flavor, which helps open up the breathing channels. 

Naturally caffeine & gluten free.

 Ingredients: Spearmint Leaf, Blackberry Leaf, Wood Betony, Linden Leaf & Flower, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Leaf, Ginseng Leaf, Licorice Root & Natural Orange Flavor.  

Blended in the USA.


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